BNAIC 2015 Demonstration

We were at the BNAIC 2015 in Hasselt, Belgium, to demonstrate the very first results of the project. A computational efficient optical flow algorithm was made for velocity estimation, which could run on a 4 gr stereoboard with a STM32F4 microprocessor (168 MHz). With this, attached underneath an ARDrone 2.0 during the demonstration, a MAV can stabilize itself with velocity control.
15_11_05_demonstraties_BNAIC 2015_04.jpg       15_11_05_demonstraties_BNAIC 2015_03.jpg

The demonstration itself went very well and many people showed interest in the project itself. Next year we will demonstrate the same principle, but on a pocket drone with the stereo camera facing forward, doing both velocity control as obstacle avoidance.

15_11_05_demonstraties_BNAIC 2015_01

Until next year!



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